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Mobile App Development

We understand that creating a product with innovation is not a simple process. You need to understand its divergence, its context, and its opportunities involved. We can guide and help you through this whole process with our expertise and experience, to create your next killing app and creative solution for the industry.





Need big ideas for your mobile apps? Our consultative approach will explore creative solutions with you to meet business needs.

Our team does brainstorming with your team on where to begin, where to go, and how to get you there. Whether you have an idea or an existing app – we can help. Getting your mobile strategy right is what our unique mobile strategy services are all about. We wrestle with business challenges, discover new opportunities that will help you define and refine your product ideas and mobile-app everything. We’ll take your app from A to Z to success.



Our Innovation Workshops ARE a workout, but they get results. We’ve done more than 60, for companies of all sizes. Intel’s Easy Migration was born from our idea storm. From initial idea or business problem to amazing app, we’ll help you define and refine your mobile features, solve business problems, and put together a long-term product plan. Getting your mobile strategy right is what our mobile consulting services are all about. We wrestle with your business challenges, discover new opportunities, and provide the zoom-out, zoom-in services. We’ll take you from A to Z.



UI/UX design can be the difference between user delight, and user dismay. That’s why we have a team of rockstar mobile designers that are seriously picky about pixels. Behind every great mobile app, there’s a story about great design. How does it feel? How do actual humans interact with it? What hooks them? Our design-first, build-second approach directs everything we do. Most mobile shops talk about great engineering and pleasing design — but few actually deliver. We should be at the top of your list for app design & mobile development support.Leaving app design as an afterthought is a costly, rookie mistake. And this ain’t our first mobile rodeo. Investing in quality design from the start equals higher user engagement – which is the king of ROI. Great design also simplifies future updates, reduces support costs, and entices user adoption. Ultimately, designing for your audience leads to more engaged users – and that’s the master equation we follow.


Our design process is collaborative, interactive, fun and energetic. Work with us, and you’ll quickly get visual designs, prototypes and animations that bring you ideas to life. We do more than just “see” your app with static wireframes and screens – we “FEEL” it. with rapid visual prototyping. This uncovers problems so we can experience your iPhone, Android or iPad app before we build it. Solving UX problems early saves you time and money.



Do you need a custom, native iOS, Android or Windows app? Prefer a cross-platform responsive web app? Require a secure backend? Desire a mobile game? If you want it, we can build it. Where others struggle, we thrive.

Our developers create mobile apps for Android, iOS, Windows and cross-platform. We also love building for new tech like IOT and wearables. Our developers are agile sprinters — they think fast and code even faster, iterating as they go. On any language you need, with any customizations you require, our mobile application developers always deliver. Our scrum-based agile process delivers higher productivity, quality, and faster time to market for your app.

iOS App Development

From iPhone to iPad to Apple Watch – we’ve built a boatload of iOS apps. A very large, powerful boat. Can your app say, “I’m on a boat!’? Ours can. Sourcebits made our mark developing iOS apps. Several hundred iPhone and iPad apps later, we’ve achieved success in almost every category for just about every industry. We’re also experienced in Swift, and have the best team of C and Objective-C coders.

Android App Development

Android apps live in a highly fragmented multi-device world. The API rules are less strict, but quality assurance testing is more intensive. We handle it. We’ve developed hundreds of cool Android apps on releases from 2.X to 5.X. From Gingerbread to Lollipop, simple phones to custom devices to Android wearables — we’ve done it all.

Mobile Game Development

Android apps live in a highly fragmented multi-device world. The API rules are less strict, but quality assurance testing is more intensive. We handle it. We’ve developed hundreds of cool Android apps on releases from 2.X to 5.X. From Gingerbread to Lollipop, simple phones to custom devices to Android wearables — we’ve done it all.

Responsive Apps & Websites

If your website/web app’s not responsive, you’re doing it wrong. We create a dynamic viewing experience for easy reading and navigation. We’ve been making our websites and web apps responsive and adaptive for years now. That’s part of our mobile-first, design-first mantra. We build fast-loading, highly optimized experiences that will work across a wide range of devices. This responsive website is a perfect example. Play with the window size to see what it looks like on mobile screens. We’ll be here when you’re done.


Mobile apps are like babies – they take a lot to bring into the world. Then they need a lot of support to stay alive. We’re proud, diligent app parents. Our product management team even does diapers.


That app baby you have won’t hit adulthood overnight (much as you wish it would). Even if we didn’t make your app initially, we can help you at any and every stage of app maturity. Welcome to the family! We take our app parenting duties seriously. If we bring your product to life, we want to help nurture it. Even if we adopt an existing project, it becomes part of the Sourcebits family. We’ll jump in whenever, wherever, however you need us. Our mobile product management team focuses on well-designed products and on supporting you throughout the product lifecycle. From bug fixing to major app overhauls, from adding features to entering new markets, from customer support to product pivots – we’ll hold your hand.


Setting the right goals from the beginning is the best way to measure ROI and get the outcomes you need. Getting a great return on your mobile app investment is crucial, but you have to establish goals and benchmarks from the beginning to track your progress. Sourcebits loves goals. We set them for ourselves all the time. Whether you are launching a consumer app or an enterprise solution, the 3 keys to ROI are always: acquisition, engagement and retention. That is what drives your success. And your success is what drives us.


Launching is just your app’s infancy. We stay involved to ensure your continued success. Corrective & Preventive maintenance.

  • OS Updates
  • Bug Fixes
  • New Features
  • Post-Launch Operation Support
  • Customer Support

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