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Most clients run on a tight schedule to get the app up and running. We believe that to achieve success, AppGuru and our clients must work closely together.

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Keeping You Informed and Involved at Every Stage

For the most efficient plan to work, communication between two parties must remain open at all times to facilitate feedback and updates. Our App development process ensures that you always know what is happening at every stage.


Discussion first takes place between the client and our app team to find out the requirements and direction the client wants to take. Our team will then confirm all specifications - technical and design-wise. Based on the client’s budget, our team would then advise on the best features to be included in the development of the app. A formal proposal would be drawn up and once the terms have been agreed upon, the actual design and development of the app would then commence.

Development and designing the app to match the client’s brand image and company values is something we strive for. We understand that businesses operate on their own set of ideals and thus, have different perceptions of what makes an app attractive. The customers of different industries and business sectors also differ in terms of their visual tastes and what they find is the best user experience and user interface experience.

Deployment will be done once the client has approved the final design and developers have completed coding and programming for the app to be fully functional. Beta-testing would then be run to check for bugs and glitches within the app when used. Once the app has been approved for perfection by our client, we will upload it and deploy it to the various app stores to be ready for public download! Your customers can then fully access what you have to offer them on a whole new level.

UX vs UI

User Experience

How it feels when used.

The focus of user experience design is on how the app is experienced by the user. It is more analytical and technical in terms of finding out how consumers behave when using the app and how easy it is for them to navigate or access information using this app.

User Interface

How it looks.

The focus of user interface design is on the layout of the app (i.e. Tabs and other visual elements make up how the app is presented visually). This part of the design process is where your brand’s image and ideals are presented through how our app looks and whether the visual elements are in line with your company’s image