We truly believe technology opens up a world new work of possibilities to empower people and make everyone’s life much better. at AppGuru, we work closely with you to make your dreams a robust reality. We focus our expertise in areas of mobile applications and mobile games development.
We work hard and work smart together in pursuit of greater good with software and have fun along the way. We address needs in the real world but at the same time we believe Knuth when he said: “Everyday life is like programming, I guess. If you love something you can put beauty into it.
Our core values define us as who we are, and our persistence in their implementation has been truly valuable. They create a positive energy that motivate us to serve their clients better, and to provide not just technology services but complete professional solutions.

“Always put yourselves in the clients’ shoes” is our foremost principle. Each client has a unique viewpoint and a particular need. To cater to the needs of each individual client, we must think from their perspective. We strive to create added-value and long-term partnerships with our clients. On-going operating system review and knowledge update enables us to provide better and more attentive services. With our dedication to continuous improvements, our team is well-known for Speed and Quality in the industry.

Clients Always Come First
Our clients come first; always. Not only is it the right thing to do but it is best for our clients and robust for us in the long term. If we do what is best for clients, we will earn their trust, and if we excel at what we do, their confidence.

Undeniable Passion For Products
We dream big and we think deep. We pay attention to the little details and we dedicate ourselves passionately to building the most robust product we humanly can to enhance our users’ experience. Nothing compares to seeing a product in people’s hands to measure if it’s living up to the intended value.
Fulfilling Work Environment
We believe that people realize their full potential when they’re happiest, so we try our best to create a good robust environment where we can all excel. We love to do our best and we strive to learn how to do better.
Good Rest Is Required
We believe we can be in control of our time and make the most out of it. We will work hard, grow our company, spend time with our family, be healthy and enjoy the fruits of our labour all at the same time.
Act Responsibly
Each of us has responsibilities to our clients, the firm, our colleagues and ourselves, and the firm has responsibilities to its people and the societies in which it operates. We are mindful of the responsibilities we have as individuals and on behalf of the firm.


We are passionate programmers and challenge takers providing you innovative, world – class mobile and web design – development services. We combine agile development methodologies with the latest technologies to implement your ideas in the shortest possible time.

 We have earned great recognition by delivering a broad portfolio of information technology services including applications on mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows phones and tablets. With years of experience in extensive technology research, we will continue to identify emerging technologies to create dynamic solutions which bring the virtual communities together for our clients.

Never stop learning. Have fun.

it has been rooted in a drive to find a better way of doing things. To do better work. To always keep learning. To never half-ass anything. And to have fun while doing all this. We believe that pleasure in the job puts perfection into work, and we really, really love what we do. Our pursuit for the better will always remain the same as in the very beginning.

Providing Solutions to Problems

While creating inspiring services for our clients, our goal is always clear: To produce brilliant digital-age solutions that look great and most of all help your business or cause to grow. However, we think that is only half of the equation; your happiness is the most important thing to us. If you’re not satisfied, we have not succeeded. Our goal is to always provide an exceptional level of service, and we aim for lasting partnerships with our clients.

The Team is the Soul

We work as a team and play as a team. We encourage innovation and creativity while working towards the project’s end goal. We are friendly and professional team, whom clients can easily approach to tell us their needs, their concerns and feedbacks during the process. Our communication style, work attitude and commitment has been highlighted and praised by our clients in their testimonials.